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Home ordinary locks for smart fingerprint lock, what should pay attention to?

1, you need to change the installation of fingerprint lock door lock door lock specifications there are many, the same fingerprint lock will also consider the market most of the design specifications of the lock body, probably has: the cylinder lock body, box lock, lock body, lock the handsome king, Wang Li from playing the lock and so on several major categories, a like most doors can be installed fingerprint lock, do not need to change the door, except for a few special or outside of the lock body, but also can be modified through the access hole and installation, as long as you want to install the fingerprint lock, manufacturers and universal installation master will help you solve.

2. Confirm the door opening direction, the size of the lock body and whether to hang the hook or not

3, the installation of fingerprint lock door material requirements?
Now there are many kinds of doors, metal doors for indoor and outdoor, common wooden doors, we may worry that wooden doors cannot hold fingerprint lock, in fact, this worry is unnecessary, only seen thieves, not seen banging on the door! Intelligent lock can be installed on the doors, gates, doors, composite door and anti-theft door, even with the glass door can use glass door lock.
4, how thick does the door need to install an intelligent fingerprint lock?
The thickness of the door is an important factor that must be considered in the installation of the fingerprint lock. The door thickness determines the lock's fittings. The corresponding lock general intelligent fingerprint door thickness in 40-90mm if it is thicker can note when buying a fingerprint lock, in the outside of the door is not thick installation, so must a good amount of the thickness of the gate at the time of purchase, convenient customer service staff to choose the right door for you.

5, the door is double open door, is it necessary to install two locks?
Strictly speaking, it is necessary to install two locks, a real lock, a false lock. It is easy to open the door, at the same time, the visual appearance of symmetry, will install a fake lock on a door, (false lock refers to the same brand, the same type of lock, in order to install on the double doors, and the lock core, the lock tongue is removed, the only outside shell; commonly known as false lock). Double door mostly for villa use, the material is mostly metal, so the weight of the door will be heavier than the wooden door, in order to facilitate opening the door, buy the lock as far as possible to choose a big handle of the fingerprint lock.
6, oneself can install fingerprint lock
For the love of DIY friends will feel that the installation of fingerprint lock is very simple, as long as the drawings in accordance with the operation. However, if you are not familiar with the operation, there may be some problems that may damage the locks. If the lock is damaged by the self installation, it is impossible to enjoy the three pack service. To be on the safe side, it's better to leave this difficult task to the professional installer.


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