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Analysis of the market size of intelligent door lock

Intelligent lock in South Korea and some European countries, the market share accounted for more than 70%, Chinese has a population of 1 billion 400 million, nearly more than 400 million families, and the family of intelligent lock currently installed base is very low, less than 3%, or 97% of the families are from the mechanical lock update for the demand of intelligent lock, coupled with an annual increase of the number of housing will remain to maintain a relatively high activity, China intelligent lock market scale and global prospects are relatively large.
At present, the smart lock industry, brand apartments, real estate and other B end market due to centralized procurement, trading volume is large, is still the main driving force of large-scale shipments in the short term. This is also a lot of new Internet smart lock enterprises targeting market. Insiders predict that the current domestic rental housing has 70 million sets, coupled with a huge number of hotel market, these B end customers have a strong demand for intelligent door locks. As they begin large-scale purchases at the end of 2017, shipments of smart locks will usher in a big explosion in the Q3 quarter of 2017.
Although the B end market is developing rapidly, the smart lock market is still in the massive, decentralized C end (home users). Data show that in 2016, more than 2 million domestic smart door locks, the growth rate of more than 40%. In the long run, as the property market is heating up again, after the 95 marriage tide is coming, the new home decoration installation of smart lock consumption habits gradually spread. At present, the domestic 400 million families, 95% of all from mechanical lock to intelligent lock demand, this is a huge blue ocean market. Moreover, the C end market is more likely to form scale effect, which makes it become the decisive area for many intelligent door lock enterprises.
Two years ago, after further escalation of market education and technology, services, user experience, 2017 Internet vertical brand by virtue of the market focus will beat foreign brands are traditional and intelligent lock market more popular. It is worth looking forward to the development of the home user market, and of course, the product force is still the key to the industry competition.


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